A manual of Jewish belief (a guide to real Judaism) for the thinking individual.

Copyright © 1977 by R' Avi Shafran

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My aim in JEWTHINK was to state the views of Orthodox Judaism, but its brevity and format did not allow the discussion of any specific laws and customs. Concerning these the reader is advised to obtain the guidance of a reputable Orthodox rabbi.

I sincerely hope that JEWTHINK contains nothing misleading or inaccurate. In the event that the reader would like to point out any discrepancy, ask a question or take issue with any statement of mine he is strongly encouraged to do so in writing. I shall, please G~d, make every effort to respond.

All communications should be addressed to:

Avi Shafran, c/o Sepher-Hermon Press, Inc., 175 Fifth Avenue, New York, N.Y. 10010

[Editor's note: The above is an old address, from the original 1977 publication. It may no longer be valid. If this should be the case, or if you prefer, please feel free to email me (cdgoldin@gmail.com), and I will endeavor, b'li neder, to forward your comments and/or questions to R' Avi. I hope that you, the reader, have found this sefer to be of as much interest and lasting value as I have. ]

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