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Suggested Books for Further Study


THE SONCINO CHUMASH: The five books of Moses with Haphtaroth. Ed. A. Cohen. The Soncino Press, London, 1947. Contains in one volume the Hebrew text with an English translation and a digest of the most famous traditional commentaries.

THE PENTATEUCH, Translation and Commentary by S.R. Hirsch. Translated from the German by Isaac Levy. The Judaica Press, N.Y. 1971. 5 vols.

RAMBAN (Nachmanides) Commentary on the Torah. Translated by Charles Chavel. 5 vols. Shilo Publishing House, N.Y., 1972-77.

STUDIES IN BERESHIT (Genesis) in the Context of Ancient and Modern Jewish Biblical Commentary by Nechama Leibowitz. W.Z.O. Dept.for Torah Education, Jerusalem, 1974.

STUDIES IN SHEMOT (Exodus) (see preceding item) 2 vols. Jerusalem, 1976.

MEDITATIONS ON THE TORAH by B.S. Jacobson, translated from the Hebrew by Z.W.Gotthold. Sinai Publishing, Tel Aviv, 1969. Discussions of central themes in the weekly "parshiyot" in light of the commentaries.

THE CONCILIATOR by Rabbi Menasseh Ben Israel, translated by E. H. Lindo. Hermon Pres, N.Y., 1972. A reconciliation of the apparent contradictions in numerous passages throughout the Bible.


MISHNAYOT translated from the Hebrew with introductions and notes by Philip Blackman. 7 vols. The Judaica Press, N.Y., 1974.

THE ORAL LAW. A study of the Rabbinic contribution to Torah-She-be-al Peh by Harry C. Schimmel. Feldheim Publishers, Jerusalem/New York, 1971.

PESHAT (Plain Exegesis) IN TALMUDIC AND MIDRASHIC LITERATURE by Israel Frankel. Toronto, 1956. Distributed by Sepher-Hermon Press, N.Y.


THE BOOK OF BELIEFS AND OPINIONS by Saadia Gaon. Translated by Samuel Rosenblatt. Yale University Press, New Haven, 1948.

THE GUIDE TO THE PERPLEXED by Moses Maimonides. Translated by M. Friedlander. Paperback. Dover Publications, N.Y., 1952.

THE KUZARI: An Argument for the Faith of Israel by Judah Halevi. Translated by H. Hirschfeld. Paperback. Schocken, N.Y., 1964.

DUTIES OF THE HEART by Bachya ben Joseph ibn Paquda with English translation by Moses Hyamson. 2 vols. Feldheim Publishers, Jerusalem/New York, 1970.

THE NINETEEN LETTERS by Samson Raphael Hirsch. Translated by B. Drachman. Feldheim Publishers, Jerusalem/New York, 1969. The essence of Hirsch's worldview, his system of Biblical exegesis and his method of anti-Reform argumentation.

THE MODERN JEW FACES ETERNAL PROBLEMS: Orthodox Judaism in Modern Life by Aron Barth. W.Z.O. Dept. of Torah Education, Jerusalem.

REVELATION: Torah min HaShamayim by Baruch Horowitz. Paperback. Torah Publications. Manchester, England

JEWISH FAITH IN OUR TIME: Essays on Problems of Living with Faith by Baruch Horowitz. Jerusalem Academy of Jewish Studies.

ANVIL OF SINAI – CHALLENGE OF SINAI by Zechariah Fendel. 2 vols. Hashkafah Publications, N.Y., 1977. Fundamental Torah concepts presented through the classical sources of Torah literature.

REJOICE O YOUTH. An Integrated Jewish Ideology. Rabbi Avigdor Miller. New York, 1962.

BEHOLD A PEOPLE. A Didactic History of Scriptural Times. Rabbi Avigdor Miller. New York, 1968.

SING YOU RIGHTEOUS. A Jewish Seekers' Ideology. Rabbi Avigdor Miller. New York, 1973.


CODE OF JEWISH LAW: Kitzur Shulchan Aruch by Rabbi Solomon Ganzfried. Translated by H. Goldin. Hebrew Publishing Co., N.Y., 1961.

TO BE A JEW. A Guide to Jewish Observance in Contemporary Life by Hayim Halevi Donin. Basic Books, N.Y., 1972.

THE BOOK OF OUR HERITAGE: The Jewish Year and its Days of Significance by Eliyahu Kitov. Translated from the Hebrew by N. Bulman. 3 vols. Feldheim Publishers, Jerusalem/New York, 1970.

THE JEW AND HIS HOME by Eliyahu Kitov. Translated from the Hebrew by N. Bulman. Shengold Publishers, N.Y., 1963. A composite picture of family life as derived from the sources of our tradition.

HOREB: A Philosophy of Jewish Laws and Observances by Samson Raphael Hirsch. Translated by I. Grunfeld. 2 vols. The Soncino Press, London, 1972.

THE WORLD OF PRAYER: Commentary and translation of the Prayers by Elie Munk. 2 vols. P. Feldheim, Inc., New York, 1961.

THE ROAD TO RESPONSIBLE JEWISH ADULTHOOD. Jewish Insights into Love, Sex, Dating and marriage by Pinchas Stolper. NCSY, N.Y., 1967.

A PHILOSOPHY OF MIZVOT by Gersion Appel. KTAV, N.Y., 1976.



A SCIENCE AND TORAH READER. How does the Torah understand and meet the challenges of Science? An Anthology of Approaches and Views, edited by Yaakov Kornreich. NCSY, N.Y., 1970.

CHALLENGE: Torah Views on Science and its Problems, edited by Aryeh Carmell and Cyril Domb. World Assoc. of Jewish Scientists. Jerusalem/N.Y., 1976.

SCIENCE AND RELIGION by Sol Roth. (Studies in Torah Judaism, No. 10) Yeshiva University, N.Y.


FAITH STRENGTHENED (Hizzuk Emunah). The Jewish Answer to Christianity by Isaac Troki. Translated by Moses Mocatta. Paperback. Sepher-Hermon Press, Inc., N.Y., 1976.

THE REAL MESSIAH. Jewish and Christian Thought Contrasted. Ed. by Yaakov Kornreich. NCSY, N.Y.

THE DISPUTATION (by J. Levy). Scholarly Publications, Salford, England, 1972. An erudite and hard-hitting debunking of Atheism, Agnosticism and Christianity.

In addition, we recommend the entire series of NCSY publications. For a list write to National Council of Synagogue Youth, 116 E. 27th Street, New York, N.Y. 10016.

[Editor's addendum: An excellent source of traditional Torah literature in English is the Artscroll series, published by Mesorah publications, available via the Internet at http://www.artscroll.com]

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