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Election of a Jewish person for President and/or Vice-President of the United States
would be Extremely Bad News

by R' Elad Berwaldt

Election of a Jewish person for President and/or Vice-President of the United States of America would be Extremely Bad News for us all, given the potentially Incalculable Tragic Consequences such deed could engender, Heaven forefend. I do count that your instinct for self-preservation, your concern for yourselves & your loved ones, your compassion for the entire Jewish People, shall prevail over all other (no matter how well-intentioned yet ultimately spurious) ideas. Yes, "the [Jewish] Sky is Falling!" — I'm alerting you to the deadly dangers inherent in Joe Lieberman's Veep nomination. The risk to Life of individual Jews and the risk to national Jewish Survival is Enormous. It's the first time in my whole life-time (50 years of it) that I feel [so] threatened on a personal, family, and global levels.

# 1. [The State of] Israel will get a short-shrift in the bilateral dealings between the U.S. and Israel, just as it will be short-changed in the multi-lateral dealings involving the U.S. This will be due to our compatriot's desire/willingness to prove his/her impartiality. "Playing-by-the-rules" will be his/her excuse for implementing decisions harmful to Our Ancestral Homeland. "Bending-over-backwards" & "Uncle Tomism" is what really it's all about. It's inevitable — there's plenty of evidence from the various, not as serious, not as exalted, not as globalized positions of power in which our folks had found themselves all throughout the recorded history (Moshe Rabbenu OHaSh operated as a leader of the Jews not gentiles, O.K.?)

# 2. Jewish people, particularly in the U.S., will have to endure a great deal of raw anti-Semitism (more or less deadly/injurious attacks against persons, synagogues, JCC's) should there be any [even remotely serious] political, economic, racial, ethnic, etc. setback, let alone upheaval, in the U.S.. This won't be uniquely contained to this country but it will be "exported" abroad so as to be shared by the Jews globally. Jewishness of this highest-level political figure shall be deemed sufficient to proclaim the "world-rule of Zionism", to declare the "onset of the Apocalypse", to announce the "arrival of anti-Christ", etc.. This "small forward/upward wonderful step for a single Jew" may turn out to be, G*d forbid, "a giant backward/downward bloody, deadly, murderous, genocidal step for the Jews!"

Were a Jewish person to be elected, my most contrite and fervent prayer is that my words should be proven wrong. However, let me kindly request that your positive thinking shouldn't be confused with wishful & premature thinking.

In the interest of preventing a Disaster, please, Please, PLEASE, don't discard my warnings out-of-hand; do give them some thought; do act in the true best interests of yourself, your loved ones, your friends, the entire Jewish Nation; for the sake of Heaven; instead of acting on behest of temporal glory for some selfish, misguided Joe, the so-called "Orthodox Jew". May HaShem bless us with the full victory of healthy reason guided by unselfish compassion.

With all my Best "Guardedly-Optimistic" Cheers! -- Yours, Elad

By now, the news re. Senator Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) having been chosen by Al Gore (U.S. Vice President and the Democratic party's presidential hopeful) to be his running mate in the upcoming national American elections must have reached you wherever you happen to live and irrespective of the nature of your connection to this event. The sheer significance of who occupies such a highly elevated post affects not only those of us subject to the laws of the U.S. but also, clearly, everyone in the most remote corner of the planet due to this country's preeminence in today's world, this global village, indeed.

While I love sharing with you all the good news, whatever the source, I'd easily and gladly trade that joy for an opportunity to remain totally silent due to the absence of bad news to report. Yet unfortunately, I feel under a compulsion, an obligation to say what needs to be said.

From Al's personal perspective, Joe's Jewishness is something that's entirely neutral, a non-issue. His view seems to be supported by the current opinion polls suggesting that 92% of the electorate pick their candidates on the strength of qualifications and competency (were we, for one, to trust the polls and, secondly, to discount the impact of the remaining 8% of the votes, as if they were totally insignificant). The obvious implication appears to be that the race, gender, religion, ethnicity wouldn't factor into the decision-making. And that's fine.

However, while the over-all suitability for the office should be that one determinant characteristic affecting the candidate's chances, this time around (history's first such case; perhaps last, as well), the nominee's Jewishness carries for us, his landsleit, an added dose of particular socio-ethnic/religious significance. Depending on one's perception, Joe's Jewishness could be either a bonus, a positive feature or a gravely marked defect, a totally negative sign.

Please remember that my own view is one of a non- U.S. citizen (to wit) resident alien (to boot). Should you bestow on my personal opinion an attribute of reading-worthiness, it must be thanks primarily to none other than the consistency with which I've been upholding this idea ... and G*d loves fidelity, as is known to those familiar with the esoteric teachings of the Cabbala.

In the recent days (due to my Yiddishkeit, I guess) I've been often asked what I thought of Joe's nomination. Usually, it had come across not as a genuine question, but as a real assumption that somehow or other I must be very thrilled and positively excited re. this, actually so dreadful, event. For this exact reason, I suspect you, too, might have been approached to "express your opinion" (in fact, "to confirm your interlocutor's already-made perception"). Without giving this matter some deeper thought, on the surface, it may appear that Joe's plunge into the presidential race is very positive from the Jewish perspective. Yet, it's only a "knee-jerk" reaction that's not anchored in reality and one that's utterly false, completely unfounded, and with unfathomable dire consequences.

A popularly-elected official is expected to act in the best interests of his constituents, to protect the integrity, welfare, image, status of the country. I'm going to assume that on this score, Joseph Lieberman (were his team to win the race) wouldn't be any worse than his boss, Al Gore, or the candidates representing the other camp (should they be the ones getting into the White House). In any event, the definition of what constitutes the best U.S. interests is subject to discussion and interpretation (mainly partisan-based), yet, as far as the general public is concerned, it's relatively stream- lined and operating by some kind of implied consensus.

Still, by virtue of ascending to an office, an official doesn't cease to be a member of social groupings s/he was a member of prior to the distinguished event. The affiliations (i.e. political, religious, racial, ethnic, professional, familial) continue as do the interdependencies. It's not unrealistic for the electorate to expect that certain loyalties the candidate had before the election shall be no less valid once s/he gets elected. That's why JFK appealed to the voters to ignore his Roman Catholic connection. He promised (and delivered, as far as I know) that it won't be a factor in any decisions he'd make. I've never heard of anyone complaining that the RC ties influenced JFK one way or another. Let's remember though that, except for a few anti-papists, JFK's religion was of no concern to the Americans.

Joe Lieberman's religion, per se, may also be "no big deal" for most, especially that over three decades of "teaching tolerance / equality" have elapsed since the 1964 Dallas incident. On that score, it may seem very tempting to quote the [paraphrased] Virginia Slims ad: "America ... you've come a long way, Baby!". Nevertheless, you'll find Carl's penetrating analysis of what Al's decision could really mean -- to me, a totally convincing expose.

While Joe's Judaism (whatever its stripe) may be unimportant and irrelevant to the ordinary average voters, Joe's ethnic [Jewish] ties create quite a different set of considerations and represent the real crux of my take on this "election issue". Surely, Joe Lieberman, won't be cutting his ties to the Jewish community (whatever, in his case, such ties actually reflect), nor will anyone else (least of all some anti-Semites, Jew-haters, nazis, commies, etc.) "let him forget it". Likewise, his connection to [Eretz/Medinat] Israel will be expected to remain unchanged (whether this is a genuine link or a concocted scheme, decoy, lip-service). But, regarding Joe's Israel-loyalty, I don't believe that's true at all -- I'm certain that his actual effectiveness in helping Israel (assuming he's actually ever done anything tangible) will sharply decline, period, full stop.

To assume blindly that Joe's attitudes towards Israel remain intact, to me, is a mere wishful thinking, a pipe-dream on his part (and/or on his Jewish/Israeli supporters part). To discharge his primary obligation to the American People to protect the U.S. interests, Joe inevitably will end up finding himself in a conflicting position vis-a-vis the best interests of the Israeli State. To unwisely perceive two independent (albeit interdependent) political entities as uniquely always in all cases dove-tailing their interests is absurd (even if the Siamese twins have the needs that totally overlap, who else does?). Therefore, in any instance of disagreements between the U.S. and Israel, Joe, like anyone else in his position, will have no choice but to act in the pro-US manner, else he courts impeachment (which would serve him right once he'd be responsible to the U.S. People).

When deciding on the discretionary moves towards Israel (all the mandatory moves having been dealt with above), he'll be held up to a much more stringent set of standards than a gentile would. I fear we'll end up with an "Uncle Tom", a bending-over-backwards appeaser of his various critics, in short, a man who's essentially a much less useful, less efficient, less bold supporter of Israel than an ordinary average non-pathologically-xenophobe non-Jew would be. In brief, Joe's factual problem is the actual and the perceived "arm's-length" involvement with one of the hot flash-spots on this planet. He can't run away from it and he can't hide from it, either.

Were I to receive assurances that Joe's stance towards Israel is going to meet and exceed the standard treatment Our Ancestral Homeland historically receives from the U.S. Veeps and/or meets and exceeds the potential treatment the other team would reserve for Israel, there's yet another festering issue of even much graver, immensely much more serious consequence to the entire Jewish community right here within the U.S. than the above-stated issue.

Hereby I'm suggesting that any political, economic, moral, judicial, religious, cultural, etc., setbacks affecting this country during Joe's vice-presidency (never mind he's not the "Number One") shall be, squarely blamed on his Jewish affiliation. Whereas the Veep, as we know, is "only a heart-beat away from the Presidency", it's not too speculative to imagine that Joe Lieberman could end up, G*d forbid, being a U.S. President "with whom the buck stops".

In either event, an international world-wide Zionist conspiracy will be seen behind every negative aspect of social life. I suspect that all the dedicated anti-Semites plus our cousins, the Arabs, shall find plenty to complain about or, in the unlikely absence of same, will create situations to prove their point. Al Gore will be thought of as some spine-less dupe, puppet, renegade, lackey, etc. on the Zionist payroll. And should something happen with Al, then "our" Joe would become the president of this U.S.. Not a pretty sight, given the above-mentioned concerns. I'm Really Worried!

Nota bene, given that gubernatorial, senatorial, congressional, city-council positions don't involve such direct, unilateral, and pretty "unchecked" authority neither over the international policy matters nor over this country's over-all economy, I don't feel that I must object against the presence of Jewish elected officials at those less-than-presidential levels of governance. Likewise, my concern doesn't affect those who are appointed by the President to government jobs such as: Secretary of State, Chairman of the SEC, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, Secretary of the Defense, or even a Chief Justice. They are, after all, in one way or another, only hired-hands directly responsible to the Boss.

Then again, I'd view with deep concern, distress, and dismay a situation when the Jewish presence in all those above-mentioned political places were to end up being Way-Out of proportion to our actual numerically-insignificant size in the society as the whole. My real concern about the harm to Our People is primarily, if not exclusively, with the highest political offices where the decisions affecting this whole country are being made. If anything, let's play the roles of advisors, behind-the-scenes king-makers, never actual figure-heads, exposed-to-the-public office-holders. HaShem help!

Torahtenu, Our Torah, Moshe Rabbenu's Torah, HaShem's Torah, provides us with the most glorious example of a true Jewish leader who's field of operation is a place of exile, country of Diaspora, land of our dispersion, territory claimed by another [host] nation. That land -- Mitsrayim, Egypt; that leader -- none other than Yosef HaTsaddik, the Righteous Joseph. Oddly enough, the name of "our" malevolent (or at least deeply confused) "hero" is also Joseph. Sadly, he's not chosen the proven path of a genuine Jewish leader, his own namesake, to boot. While Yosef could have replaced Paro (the Pharaoh), he selected the less-ostentatious, less-provocative, more subdued, and much more efficient for a Jew (for a Diaspora Jewish leader's) venue, namely the one of becoming the vizier, vice-roy, chief advisor, the "gray eminence".

All other successive (and successful) Jewishly-Jewish leaders followed the suit, thanks G*d. Those who didn't, the un-Jewish Jewish leaders, say, Korach, J.C., Trotsky, for a while basked in the visible personal glory then perished in utterly horrific circumstances. That the whole nation was also forced to suffer unspeakable horrors is the unfortunate (yet currently still-preventable) outcome. What are we to gain from having Joe being "crowned" the Veep or, if history unfolds itself in some strange way, Heaven forefend, a President of the U.S.?

Whereas it appears that there's never been a land as hospitable to us as the U.S., and while it's tempting for the American Jews to view themselves as the full-fledged fully-participating equal-under-the-law members of the American society, let's not forget that there were other times when, under some specific conditions, similar opinions were also voiced. We all know, the illusions can't and don't last. Rav Meir Kahane, ZaTsaL, used to berate the U.S. Jewry for succumbing to the allure of the fleshpots of the exile. Just because now he's with us in spirit only doesn't mean that his words lost any of their currency.

Let's have enough courage to admit that only those Jewish leaders throughout our checkered history who chose to follow the path taken by Yosef HaTsaddik have proven to be a real blessing to their brethren. In brief, it's the pivotal, the central, but most of all, THE ACTUAL, position of power that matters (and that matters at all, if G*d wills it). To be the figure-heads, the entertaining puppets, the front-men, the visible crowned-heads, etc., was never a desired goal of any great Jewish leader who's ever set his/her foot on the political scene. Each of those leaders knew that s/he not only had to seek the path but, much more so, s/he had to seek the goals of Jewish survival and, please G*d, of the ultimate Jewish redemption, may it come soon, speedily, and in our days, Amen!

That in the process of declining the visible honors and temporal glory, such a leader had sacrificed his/her ego in the process may or may not be true, but even had it been so, then this brave act of humbling oneself far exceeds anything else they have ever done for us. To secure safe Jewish existence now and in the future is the most noble deed imaginable and, therefore, all such endeavors are a guaranteed passage way straight to Gan Eden, a key with which to open the Gates of Paradise, an immortal blessing to them in particular and to the Entire Jewish Nation, in general, Amen!

May Joe, in the merit of those glorious souls of our authentic Torah-like leaders, have enough clarity of mind, vision of spirit, and nobility of the soul, to abandon his selfish dream that's genocidal to Our People. May he be inspired to do what is right, not what feels "right" to him. A Jew/ess in this most exalted position of the highest world power is a vivid and potent threat to the survival and welfare of the Jewish People, period. If I'm not making myself clear about this so critically vital an issue, I'm very deeply pained, but I accept that as [my own] burden of the exile.

In the non-political arena (at least, outside of the official open-to- criticism political sphere), any similar potential complaints about some (potential or real) Jewish preeminence of, say, the bagels and diamonds trades or of the movies industry aren't worrisome enough to me (though, whether real or imaginary, must upset a genuine Jew-hater who wants all the Jews dead, G*d help us!).

Since the majority of the populace cares mainly about the state of their pocketbooks and joins the mob only in times of serious economic upheavals, in my view there's no need to worry about the Jewish over-presence (be it true or imagined) among, the pretzel-makers, psychiatrists, lawyers, and the like. Yes, the call "to kill all the lawyers" has been heard since antiquity, (as it's known) since time immemorial. But it's a different topic for another time. Peace! Be well My Dear Friends! G*d bless!

Feel free to accuse me of paranoia. Feel free to label me as "a Jew with the <mayofes Yid> galut/Diaspora mentality". Do feel free to discount my concerns. Feel free to not worry -- feel free to be happy. Just, please, be advised that I care about you and about all your family members not any less than I care about our sisters and brothers wherever we might be, whether in the Israeli inner-exile or someplace else around the world. Peace to all !!! If anyone castigates me for "tripping over my own shadow", for being pathologically paranoid, for "having myopic tunnel vision", (once Joe's retired from the post) I'd gladly be proven wrong, but as of now I can't afford such a luxury -- my fright is too real.

Having been born one year after the Declaration of Independence (by Israel in 1948), I've lived through many serious and tumultuous events affecting Israel and the world Jewry. Never, however, have I felt such threat to my personal existence and the survival of My People as I do now due to Joe's U.S. Veep candidacy. Will any soundly-thinking person dispute it's always preferable to err on the side of caution than to feel complacent? Fetter Bauch regiert nich gern! = Full belly doesn't react readily! is a phrase that the Yekkes should have been familiar with, but, tragically, were not.

We know that the fathers are not to be blamed for the sins of the sons nor are the sons to be charged with the sins of their fathers. It's a beautiful humanistic concept, but even we ourselves don't universally apply this idea of individual-only (but not communal) responsibility. By saying "all Sons of Israel are brothers" and by proclaiming "all [people of] Israel repent/atone one for another" we choose to share our deficiencies, shortcomings, imperfections, and the like. The world-at-large knows it, too. While it's purely optional and strictly voluntary for us to do so (it's our prerogative to identify with the failures of the worst of us), others shouldn't apply this standard towards us since they never apply it towards themselves (without fail, there's always a disassociation from the deeds and persons of their worst element). However, for better or (most of the time) for worse, our auto-elected self-measure of poly- criticism is indiscriminately used by others towards us all, as well.

Therefore, however hard we'd try to appeal to the better conscience of the world, we can't succeed and are doomed to live by the very same standard we have chosen for our internal dealings. The sins of one [of us] must be born by all [Jews]; the hate towards all Jews brings death to individual Jews (children, elderly, women, and men). Therefore, Joe Lieberman's errors in judgment, flaws of character, any missteps (unless he's perfect?) will spell disaster to the Jewish community in the U.S.. Do remember the fact that 80% of all the "hate crimes" in this country are committed against the Jews, this small numerically-insignificant minority (just 2% of the total), wow!

Only after the outcome of the assassination attempt on the [Roman Catholic] pope, the virtuous Giovanni Paolo secondo, was assured, namely that the assassin had failed to carry out his mission to its final intended goal, there were two huge sighs of relief breathed in the world. The first that of all the people "of good will", primarily the Christians and especially the Roman Catholics on the occasion of the miracle of the pope's survival. The other, of equal weight, that of the Jews (world-wide) that the assassin wasn't Jewish that he wasn't one of us. Why was our rejoicing of equivalent magnitude though we're only a tiny fraction of the first group??? It's not at all a rhetorical question, it's the crux of the matter. We know that Ali Agca's Muslim faith and his Turkish ethnicity absolved us from the direct association with this based fellow, thanks G*d for His Mercy.

Else, there would have been an open hunting season for the Jews everywhere (not only in the Christian / Roman Catholic countries, in the Muslim and atheist lands, too). Anyone who's old enough to remember this event must admit that these words are correct, because it would have been unrealistic for us to expect anything other than pogroms, burning, bombings, looting, murder, etc.. As you know, there was never even a semblance of any backlash to the Muslims or Turks since a non-Jew is always assumed to be his own person and acting alone whereas the Jews are inevitably always lumped together. That's life (and/or death), and we must just accept this as the primary paradigm of our Jewish existence.

I hope I've succeeded to convince you "One for all and all for one" isn't only our own motto for ourselves, it's operative in the dealings the non-Jews have vis-a-vis us. Anti-Semitism doesn't need to be rational to be deadly. By its sheer definition this specific brand of xenophobia (just as the entire species) is irrational. But just only because it's irrational doesn't mean (and it has never meant) that it was / is somehow less deadly. HaShem, please help us!!!

Without a doubt, it's a great honor to be offered a Veep's position, it's a tremendous ego-booster, a wonderful vignette to weave into the garland of memories [to be shared with one's grandchildren] in one's sunset years. However, it's an unmitigated horror for Joseph Lieberman to have accepted Al Gore's proposal. Had it happened to my sons, I'd tell them that for some personal glory, individual, selfish self-gratification they would be sacrificing the relative peace of Our People. Knowing that, I'd expect them to kindly, gently, and most politely, decline the honor simply because it infringes on the "arm's-length" paradigm of Jewish life. I'd threaten them with using the only leverage at my disposal "to go into mourning over the lost dead soul". Joe is no man, he's no "Jew", the concept of mutual/ communal responsibility is foreign to him. The sooner he's out of the [vice]-presidential race or (if he wins) out of office, the better!!!!!

I don't blame Gore -- he can invite / hire whomever, the leprechauns, the toads, the phantoms. It was Joe's sacred duty moral obligation to decline, to be humble, to know his place, to sacrifice his bloated ego for the sake of his people. His insincerity is palpable if we're to pay attention to his lip service about his "Jewishness" -- bovine and equine mementos all that (may Joe, the self-proclaimed "Orthodox" start repenting, the sooner the better.) I don't care if he's some U.S. senator; I could even see myself supporting his Veep platform (had he not been our landsman). But under no circumstances should the selfishness of one man endanger the lives of many. Joe's so-oft and ad-nauseam repeated "Jewishness" is the sole problem here.

Although the liberal agenda isn't something I've ever been suspected of espousing, I can't disagree with anything factual that Andy says about Al's choice of Joe. I'm pretty sure that Joe's Jewishness isn't much of an issue with the general [gentile] electorate as such. It's the newsy item because of its newness, but after a week (or so) it should fade deeply into the background. Nevertheless, I wouldn't feel shocked if "oddly" it were yet to surface in the very last week/s of the campaign, right before the actual casting of the ballots (in which case I'd surely consider the opponents to be the ones attempting to "exploit" this issue). Life is stranger than fiction, Folks, isn't it?

Carl and I "go way back when to the ancient times" and we seem to share the general outlook upon life. I agree about Al's motivation in choosing Joe, but rather only to the extent that Al wanted to retain the traditionally-Democratic share of the total Jewish vote. After all, the U.S. Jewish voters, for whatever reasons, seem to be historically divided along something akin to an 80-20 or 66-33 [percentage] split (Democratic vs. Republican vote). While a Republican presidential hopeful could (wrongly, I'd hope) imagine that a Jewish Veep brings him additional votes, the Democratic candidate can't realistically say anything of the sort (in fact, I hope, Al loses all the Jewish votes due to precisely all the terrible considerations I've outlined herein).

There's, fortunately, one Torah-based item which gives me plenty of real encouragement (in fact, I'm ecstatic). Al Gore's announcement about his running-mate was made during the "three-weeks" between the Shiva-Asar-BeTamuz and Tisha-BeAv. It's only significant in thus far that it affects a Jew (are you listening, Joe, you self-proclaimed "Orthodox Jew'?), namely someone who's affected by the Jewish law, Jewish custom, and Jewish lore, whether he's aware of it all or not.

Well, Folks, as some of you know, it's the most inopportune time for us, it's the period during which we mourn our bitter exile, when we contemplate our and our ancestors' sins, when we don't undertake any major new projects as they are expect to be doomed to failure, when we avoid the live music, abstain from the usual joys. Wow, am I not comforting myself, am I not comforting those of you who do feel about this Joe-business the way I do??? There's hope, Al & Joe may yet end up wasting time and money for naught, and that's just great!

It's all entirely, due to Joe's power-greed in exploiting Al's mistake -- rather than some inherent favoritism of mine for "Bush II & Company" (as they're referred to by Andy). Except for the last two elections in which Clinton became the President, my vote would have gone to the winning team (assuming that I could vote, which, as a non-citizen, I can't). Let's not forget that during those last forty years both parties, as it seems, had their fair and equal stake in the U.S. presidency.

I agree whole-heartily with Andy that there's no perceptible difference in the basic stands taken by either team. Joe's a politician just like any other which doesn't make his promises any less insincere than those of his opponents. My sole issue with Joe is his "Jewishness", however vaguely or ostensibly it's being played out. In fact, parading of Joe's religious "Orthodoxy" all over the media has already caused me (cost me) to defend myself in regard to wearing facial hair, peyes, yarmulke, and the ritual fringes. So far, it's only been some minor annoyance / inconvenience, no big deal.

By the way, it's actually not the [specific] religion (certainly not the Orthodox Judaism, Jewish Orthodoxy, or Mosaic Fundamentalism) that Joe is flaunting during his public appearances around the country, despite some concerns he actually does so. Instead, My Friends and Brethren, Joe's peddling a generic type "religiosity" and makes all the faithful of all religious backgrounds feel as if they should feel superior to the atheists, non-believers, and such. While I happen to have my personal beliefs, my religion, my rituals, my faith, I also do realize that the U.S. of A. isn't a medieval European kingdom "under the rule of Christianity" and, definitely less so, it's not an ancient Judean theocracy.

It's important to note that not only "Jerusalem" plays a role in the formation of the American way-of-life, but also "Athens and Rome". This paradox, dualism is best observed when contemplating some of the societal mores, say these fairly constant irritants to those who feel strongly about the topics, one way or the other, like: abortion, homosexuality, public prayer. The Bible says "No" of a conditional form to the first; unconditionally condemns the second (as far as the act itself goes, though it doesn't lack compassion for the perpetrators); and encourages any and all forms of proper G*d's-realization. The classical age of Athens and Rome (influence of which on the U.S. laws and civilization can't ever be questioned) tells us that abortion is nobody's business but the wife's own husband's; homosexuality is an improvement of the cross-gender love-making; and prayers should be offered to "all g_ds", large and small.

That latter item, the issue of polytheism, is actually the legal and the spiritual basis for the official American religious tolerance towards all faiths, religions, cults, rituals. Perhaps, of all the subgroups of people, we, the Jews, should feel we're the greatest beneficiaries of this religious freedom. It's a paradox, all right, that it's all due to this civilizational contribution made by our ancient enemies (occasional friends, heh?) and neighbors (while not at all due to the Christian views/interpretations of the Bible, thanks Heaven!) that we, so called People of the Book, get to enjoy Our Torah precisely as we should. I guess, Harry Golden's immortal words still cling in the air: "Only in America!". Again, Joe's use (or abuse, if you please) of his religiosity is nothing but a politician's method of garnering potential votes. If his words resonate with the voting folks, he'll do it; else, he'll quit in no time. Yet, it's not Joe's own lukewarm brand of religion nor his pathetic overt flashing of religiosity that actually concerns me.

It's the ethnic "Jewishness", however mildly addressed, that gives me the real shivers, since it does purport, G*d forbid, consummation of all my fears and concerns that are presented herein as a warning for you, My Beloved Friends. Had it all turned out exactly "the other way around", I'd be berating the error made by George II -- I've got no partisan bones to pick! It's just that things simply operate by default; someone has to fill the vacuum; in the hoped-for loss for Joe Lieberman, this hypocrite, the others are going to win the election, please G*d. A Jew for a Veep is (I repeat, I holler, I shout, I scream, I beg, I plead, I implore) an Extremely Bad News for the Jewish People, given the potentially Incalculable Tragic and Dire Consequences such deed could engender, Heaven forefend.

My Dearest Friends, Beloveds of G*d, please contemplate the phrase that's attributed to Benjamin Franklin (so I'm told): "We must all hang together or, most assuredly, we will all hang separately!" I implore you to search and seek credence in my warning to you, not because it's me telling you this stuff, but due to the enormous ramifications of not heeding this warning. Jewish life, as we know it, is endangered; Jewish lives, whether individual, communal, or global, are in serious mortal danger. If the only way to save ourselves would have been to sacrifice Joe's life, we couldn't do it (though he could volunteer to give up his life as the martyr for the cause, a very noble choice). However, this situation doesn't call for us to sacrifice Joe's life -- only his ego, his selfishness, his power-greed, "are on the line". Let's give him a boot! We, who don't particularly like to "vote Republican", let's "boo" Joe The Momzer for messing things up for us so royally, wow!

Per chance you've come thus far, thanks for your kind consideration. As you can't help noticing the original news about "Joe Lieberman for Vice-President" came out on Monday and this e-mail is being sent after the fast. Be appraised of my deliberate intent not to "originate" anything, especially not this critically vital e-mail, during the "three weeks of mourning". Now, with the Ninth of Av behind us, I no longer feel constrained to "keep my key-boarding fingers on the leash" just to avoid any possible adverse effect that could have resulted from my violating the somber restrictions. Please know that according to the Jewish tradition "Moshiah's born on Tisha-BeAv".

Only the President of the United States of America can honestly be called a true leader whose decisions affect the whole world (and, by extension, it applies also to the U.S. Vice-President). There's no other office-holder anywhere around the globe who could claim that. Please take into account that the sole World-Class Jewish leader to arise and be welcome by us is Moshiah Himself (not Joe-L.).

According to some, Moshiah's already here! Therefore, the only two unknown variables that remain to be revealed are, first, for many of us, His proper identity and, secondly, for us all, the actual timing of the official announcement in respect to the grand entry on the world- scene of Our Righteous Savior, Moshiah Tsidkenu, praise the L*rd! Just have some more patience, Beloved Friends. Peace! LOVE!

May we all, together with the Entire Jewish Nation and with all the Righteous Gentiles (those Holy Sparks among the Nations of the World), immediately, in our days, behold the Ultimate Revelation and may we, soon, start rejoicing in the Final Redemption, Amen! G*d bless you all and all your loved ones! Smile, G*d loves you!

Shalom! Cheers! -- Yours, Elad

Why I think Sen Jos Lieberman is a poor choice for VP, by "Andy"

My reasons against the choice of Lieberman for VEEP are 2 fold.

1)I think that had Gore picked anyone out of the mainstream, and Jews are not a majority anything in this country, the choice would detract attention from the issues of the campaign.

2)I do not agree with most of the Sen's stands on anything--it just ain't liberal enough for me. Either is Gore: He always in my mind came from the conservative wing of the party. So does Clinton. In fact, these guys are so far to the right, that Bush II and Company have no trouble indeed running on their (Clinton, Gore, et al.'s) policies. So how 'bout them apples! -- Andy

The more I read about Sen Lieberman's stands on issues like school vouchers, privatization of social security and increasing the military outlays, I more I'm coming to realize I was wrong. Lieberman won't deflect attention from the issues: he and Bush II seem to agree on just about everything!

-- Andy

An Afterword

My sincere thanks to you, all, for your compassion, in a generic sense, and for your tolerant indulgence with my phobia/s, in particular.  I've been cognizant that my note was too-long-winded -- I'm very sorry! 

To the patient souls (who haven't felt under any compulsion to respond) go my genuine "Thanks & G*d bless!".  The kind folks (who responded without shredding me into pieces, but instead treated me very mildly) are to receive my deepest "Thanks & G*d bless!".  The duo who asked me to have their names removed from my mailing list, can't obtain this nor any other [future] e-mail (since I had respectfully/promptly removed their I-Net addresses).  Nonetheless, I say to them, indirectly via some cosmic void, "Thanks & G*d bless!", any way.  Peace!  Shalom! 

My concerns, all-too-real, I'm afraid, have to do only (ONLY, ONLY!) with the candidate's Jewish identity.  Any Jewish person, in my own myopic view, by accepting a nomination [for the President of the U.S.] from whatever party eligible to win the U.S. presidential elections, (not the Libertarians whose election platform appeals to me the most, not the Greens, nor any other party except the two realistic winners), i.e. the Democrats and the Republicans, causes me to feel threatened.  Still, I keep praying that I'd be proven wrong, yet I'm not convinced of the efficacy of such prayers.  However, HaShem will help, for sure! 

Irrespective of the candidate's party affiliation, the length of his peyes (ear-locks), the size of her sheitel (wig), the yikhes (noble ancestry), the irreproachable and unimpeachable behavior in-and-out-of-politics, I'd be no less concerned, worried, scared, and border-line (perhaps by some definition, pathologically) paranoid.  Any case of a mistaken (or even out-right fraudulent) Jewish identity would also concern me very deeply.  For instance, Diane Feinstein's been generally identified as a Jewess (her father's nor her husband's {Mr. Blum's} Jewishness are not being hereby addressed nor questioned) and, therefore, I'd found it mandatory to oppose the ticket she'd be any part of, as well. 

Please, don't be upset, Dearest Folks, but even if anyone of you, one of My Beloved Friends (some of a pretty long standing), were to be a nominee either of the Democratic party or the Republican party, I'd have to fire off a note with exactly the same message.  Sorry, Pals! 

Since the High Holidays are not too far away, please accept already now not only my confession of having failed to "keep my e-mails brief", but also my admittance of possibly having "been too hasty with my jumping into the conclusions"; my apologies for upsetting your various sensitivities and sensibilities (political ones, not the least); plus my regret of having given you, My Dear Beloved Friends, some politically- loaded worries (G*d willing, they shall turn out to be truly unfounded).