CorelleWare - The Death of an Era

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August 26, 2004

James A. Sharman - President and Chief Executive Officer
World Kitchen, Inc.
11911 Freedom Drive, Suite 600
Reston, VA 20190


Dear Mr. Sharman,

I have purchased and used a variety of Revereware and Corelle products for many years, with great satisfaction – until now.

Recently, I purchased a Corelle “Winter Frost White” 17-piece service for 4 (product code 1048884, UPC 0-71160-00237-1) to supplement our existing service of that pattern. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that the four 11-ounce mugs included are not Corelle ware, but rather some sort of stoneware, and don’t match the earlier mugs for this pattern!  Frankly, this strikes me as fraudulent, since the set is depicted as “Corelle” [dinnerware] in large banner type in multiple locations on the packaging, and the only mention that the mugs are stoneware is in extremely small (6-point) type, in an obscure location, stating “Stoneware mugs made in Thailand or Indonesia, as marked on the mug”.

Additionally, I note that the quality of manufacture has deteriorated. The pieces are irregular in shape, and don’t nest well with each other (and with the previous sets, which were far more regular in shape). And the 18-ounce soup/cereal bowls have an uneven ridge about their circumference, no doubt the result of an improperly finished mold.

The primary reason that I purchase Corelle dinnerware products is because, unlike stoneware, they are “break and chip resistant”. If I wanted stoneware, I would purchase a set of stoneware, probably at considerably less cost. Mugs and cups are the pieces most susceptible to chipping and breakage, so it seems ridiculous (as well as deceptive) to replace these with stoneware.

Additionally, I purchase Corelle dinnerware rather than another brand, so that I can replace and add to the service with matching pieces, when necessary, rather than having to replace an entire set each time a cup breaks. It now appears that this incentive has disappeared.

And finally, I purchase Corelle dinnerware rather than another brand because they (were once) manufactured well. Sadly, it now appears that this incentive has also disappeared.

The next time I need dinnerware, I will most likely select another manufacturer. I suspect many other (former) customers will do the same.


Carl D. Goldin