Bissell Powerforce Bagless Model 6594

Rating: Extremely Unsatisfactory!

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June 5, 2005

Bissell Homecare Inc.
P.O. Box 3606,
Grand Rapids, MI 49501

ATTN: Consumer Services (, 1-800-237-7691)

Re: Bissell Powerforce Bagless Model 6594

Dear Sirs:

We recently purchased a Bissel Powerforce Bagless Model 6594, to replace a Kenmore vacuum which has served us well for over 20 years. We were looking forward to the convenience and economy of a bagless model, and the increased filtering capabilities advertised. However, we were more than a little disappointed.

Firstly, the vacuum required extensive assembly, and (although I am very apt mechanically) I found this quite a challenge – especially in view of the inadequate, inaccurate (and, in places, cryptic) “instructions”.

But the assembly was the least of our problems. After vacuuming one small room, it was necessary to empty the canister (vs. using a bag, which usually lasts a month! Emptying the canister (as per instructions, and the only way possible) resulted in dirt spilling all over the vacuum and floor, requiring extensive cleanup. But it was also necessary to take apart the various filter assemblies and clean them, for the vacuum to function properly (vs. changing a bag, once a month, which only takes a few minutes, and leaves absolutely no mess).

Ok, perhaps we let the canister become over-full (from one small room?) and “caused” all these problems “unnecessarily” (as though there were any warnings that the canister needed to be changed every few minutes). So we tried again, and monitored the contents of the canister very carefully (a time-consuming nuisance compared to using our previous [and still-functional!] vacuum). And each and every time the canister reached the “full” mark, the same time-consuming disassembly and cleaning was required!

What a disappointing piece of junk! Rather than spend a half-hour cleaning the house, and five minutes once a month changing bags, your product requires a two-hour cleaning after each room is vacuumed! Who would wish to use such a product? Certainly not us.

Fortunately, we purchased the unit at a store where they will hopefully refund our purchase price for this defective-by-design product.

We will be posting our experience on the Internet, in order to warn others not to purchase this model, and to be cautious with any Bissell products (which may suffer from the same design problems).


Carl D. Goldin